Egypt’s Pride: Doctor Peseshet

The first woman doctor ever belonged to Egypt. Her name was  Peseshet; she was not only a swnwt (woman doctor) but also a imyt-r hm(wt)-ka (woman director of the soul-priestesses) and lived around 2500 B.C.  Nothing much is known about her except that she was the mother of Akhethetep in whose tomb her stela (carved or inscribed stone slab) was found.
Women of Ancient Egypt could enter any profession they liked, unlike in modern times.
The picture on the left shows some of the instruments she may have used.  Most of these tools were used for embalming as well.


One thought on “Egypt’s Pride: Doctor Peseshet

  1. Life is big circle. You think we are ahead of 2500BC by living in 2010Ad but I think it is the other way around. We are most definitely behind them Oh so many ways.

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